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Mobile App Promotion for Android & iOS

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Why do I need to buy app downloads?

What do you think about while creating an app? The final goal of any app development team is boosting sells and increasing downloads of its products. In order to reach this stage, an app needs to have high visibility in app store, attracting thousands of new users, who will find the app easier, when it’s on top of the list.

And what are the rankings of your app? If your app is not yet on top of the list, you need our help to generate the desired visibility and profits. We are one of the trusted agencies, which will help you promote your app in a safe and professional way, so that App Store algorithms rank it higher in their listings.

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Why do I need to optimize my app?

Because your competitors are already doing it! The market of mobile applications is highly competitive, and being the best app on the market is not enough to reach top positions on app store. The system checks a dozen of parameters before giving it a high rating, and App developers need to be familiar with all these technical aspects. Or not?

It’s just enough to make App Store Optimization and order Keyword search Installs at AVIHOR!

With its help, you’ll get:

  • Real Users;
  • Higher app ratings;
  • Increased revenues;
  • Organic downloads;
  • And a chance for new users to find your app easier!


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Rewarded Offer Walls.

Acquire users from our offer wall and expect high conversion rates.

Self-Service Platform.

Connect your advertising campaign with our publishers. Go into Live Mode in just a few short minutes!

Real Users & Devices.

We deliver installs from real users and devices for your apps.

Country Targeting.

Use our dashboard to select countries what you need for your campaign.


Speed control.

Set a daily download limit when creating a campaign.

Track our installs.

Get report live and track our installs via Google Analytics or other major tracking providers.

Fraud Prevention.

Do not pay for fraudulent installs. We have strong fraud detection system.

Analyze Results.

Analyze your apps performance metrics by any app analytic tool!

Reach the TOP with 4 easy steps

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    Register at AVIHOR

  • payment


    Add Funds by PayPal or Wire in your Account Balance

  • setup


    Create your first Campaign to Promote your App

  • launch


    Follow your Installs being Generated online

Integrated With Major Tracking Providers

We are integrated with the major third-party tracking providers.

  • appsflyer
  • kochava

Supported Platforms

Choose the pricing model for your needs!

  • android
  • iOS

Pricing Models

We will help you grow your audience for your apps on Android and iOS platforms.

  • CPC

    Cost Per Click

  • CPI

    Cost Per Install

  • CPA / CPR

    Cost Per Action / Registration

Why AVIHOR is the best way to promote your app?

AVIHOR is a group of experts in multiple fields, and we have united in order to provide you a comprehensive promotion of outstanding quality.

Only active improvement in multiple aspects simultaneously can help your app earn a positive image and to defeat ranking algorithms!

From now on, high quality AVIHOR services, support, and a well-thought-out campaign wait for you at affordable prices! Start your app advertising campaign now, and enjoy its results, which won’t take long to wait for.