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Keyword installs as a key to increase organic downloads of your app

Android keyword/search CPI campaign ideogram.

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MOST POPULAR Android standard high retention search/keyword campaign ideogram. Campaign garantee that user search your app on market, install, open and keeping your app for at least three days

High Retention Keyword Install (CPI)

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One of your main concerns as a mobile app developer lies in increasing your app positions on Google Play. No doubt, every app is designed with the final goal of getting sales revenues, but why do some of them reach top of the list easily, while others remain unnoticed, not being able to increase the number of its downloads for years? How do you make your app rank up and how do you get its new naturally attracted users? The answer is easy.


You need to run an effective app store keyword optimization campaign

No matter how useful and exciting your app is, in order to reach the top of the chart, you have to run an effective campaign on app store keyword optimization.


How does keyword install work?

In order to embrace it, you’ll need to think as a user and as a system at the same time.

1. Being a user…

There are three main ways how new users find your app:

  • Entering keywords in search bar;
  • Browsing through categories;
  • Clicking on external links redirecting to your app.

2. Being a system…

The first two categories of users above are recognized as organic users, and the system is happy to give your app some extra points, which will improve your positions in Search.

Hence, you need to use a formula for successful Google Play App campaign. It features:

  • Optimizing titles and descriptions with trending keyphrases
  • Increasing the number of relevant ASO keywords
  • Providing stable traffic delivered to your app store page

These 3 steps will launch the mechanism of app promotion, thus increasing its positions in the app Store.

Buying keyword installs at AVIHOR, you ensure stable organic installs of your app, i.e.:

  • • Embracing millions of mobile users;

  • • Maximizing your return on investments;

  • • Driving your app to the top search on Google Play;

  • • Reducing cost per install.

Mind that this process naturally takes a time. Using cheap services promising fast rise in Google play search positions might be taken as fake external influence, which may lead to System restrictions applied to the app. Use AVIHOR, and make your rankings grow naturally.