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iOS incent CPC campaign ideogram

iOS Incent CPC

Starts at $0.12

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  • FREE Country Targeting
  • No SDK Required
  • Only Real Users & Devices
  • Self-Service Platform
  • Buy CPC iOS installs
MOST POPULAR iOS high retention cpi ideogram. Campaign garantee install, open and keeping your app for at least three days

High Retention CPI

Starts at $0.15

  • Install + Open
  • FREE Country Targeting
  • SDK is Required
  • Only Real Users & Devices
  • Self-Service Platform
  • Buy CPI iOS installs

Promoting iPhone applications on the Apple App Store is quite an uneasy task. Independent researches show that compared to owners of Android-based devices, Apple owners are likely to spend more money on apps. However, at the same time they are more fastidious and legible. In this case, we can say that the future of any app on Apple App Store depends on choosing the right marketing strategy. Buying iOS downloads with AVIHOR is probably the best way to make people hear about your app!


Choosing promotion campaign is harder than you think

It is almost impossible for a little-known developer to make his mobile app popular and frequently used. That is why topical and active promotion is the key to success. There are different ways to advertise your product: beginning with context ads and ending with TV advertisements. Which campaign to choose? We are ready to give you a simple but comprehensive answer.


The most reliable Apple application promotion strategy!

Buying downloads for your app is rather simple, but impressively effective strategy. You pay for installations of your mobile game or application and its ratings grow. It is more reliable than buying reviews as a new and unpopular app with many good reviews is always suspicious for users. It is more effective than native or interstitial advertisements. Finally, it is far cheaper than making video ads or hiring a whole promotion team. Besides, it is suitable for any kind of app with all types of target groups.


Give your app ranking a boost with AVIHOR!

AVIHOR provides you the highest standard of quality. It is the best way to promote your iOS app. We analyze App Store and its users and do our best for our clients. Our advantages:

  • Economically effective – you may plan your budget to make your advancement maximally effective
  • Real users and devices – we push your app forward to real people who may be interested in using your app
  • Self-service platform – you can rely on our team or control important parts of promotion by yourself

Trying this once will not leave you indifferent. Buying iOS downloads with AVIHOR now gives you confidence in the future!