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Mobile App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO is abbreviation for App Store Optimization. Why do you need it? Because you want your app to be at the top positions in Play Store, isn’t it? Without effective ASO, all your efforts and resources spent on development can go in vain, because your potential users won’t be able to find it!


What influences on success of ASO campaign?

There are dozens of factors which play bigger or smaller role in optimizing the app: titles, descriptions, icons, usage of relevant keywords, preview photos, and videos, reviews and ratings, the number of installs and uninstalls, etc.

It doesn’t seem to be likely that complete beginners can make their app pop up in search by themselves. This work has to be done by professionals. They will help you to understand how Play Store ASO really works.


What is the Technical Part behind App Store SEO?

Professionals know many methods of promotion of your application or games, but all of them include steps, working on the following aspects:

Make use of Naming

Paying attention to your app name is crucial. It has to be easy to read, recognize, and associate with the idea of the app. Short appealing names are one of the key factors of success of your app. The number of characters, which can be used is now limited to 30, which provides less possibilities for using keywords. Nonetheless, successful apps take maximum of this limitation!

Improve graphic elements

Your app needs to have a stylish unique icon and recognizable design elements, such as appealing and smart photo and video content (including preview images and videos). As for the icon – users’ preference is simple catchy design; screenshots and videos can be used to get a user acquainted with app features. They must be simple, yet of high quality! This feature is especially important for ASO of game apps.

Apply the power of keywords

Keyword installs are a key-factor in ASO marketing plan. They must include those specifying the functions of your mobile app. The more relevant key phrases your app uses, the higher the possibility of getting to the top on Google Play! Specialists know how to fish out the keywords for your promotion. Remember that their usage starts from titles and descriptions of your app!

Do not neglect descriptions

Keywords help potential users to find the app they need. Description text has a power to define if a user is downloading your app or not. Pay the most of your attention to its first lines – this is the point of decision-making.

App reviews

Reviews left by the users are another important factor, which will influence your client’s decision. Experience of your users is crucial – focus on their comments to improve your app’s performance and provide the best conditions, so that they want to leave a nice review on Google Play Store.

The number of Installs and Uninstalls

ASO specialists say that the number of installs, as well as uninstallment rate, influences your app’s rating in App Store. Raise your users’ interest and make them want to use your app in future! Remember: each uninstallment drags your rating down!

Links to other Social Media

It’s not a secret anymore – Google Play gives higher rating to apps, which are advertised through other social networks.

There is always a certain group of skeptics, who think app search optimization is an unnecessary expense, and that it can’t positively affect on sells of the app. Nonetheless, even the most popular and nicely designed apps do benefit if optimization process was performed in a smart way. Smart ASO campaign leads to boost of installs in a short while!

Market research shows that around two thirds of users browse Google Play to find new attractive apps for trying them. Why not to make use of this statistics? Any of those users can become your potential clients!